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Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Fences

Custom Fences in Brisbane

Aotea Fencing specialises in providing quality, custom fences. We take pride in our reputation for providing quality products, along with great service and availability. 

Our friendly, knowledgeable team provides onsite inspections, allowing us to provide you with an accurate quote upfront. 

That means there will be no nasty hidden costs! We will also take the time to ensure that you completely understand the installation process, and answer any questions or queries you may have.

Colorbond Fencing

If you need to put up a low maintenance fence around a large area, then Colorbond steel might be right for you. Colorbond fences are specially designed by expert engineers to provide strong and solid security. 

Manufactured in Australia from galvanised steel or high quality zinc, these fences are fully fireproof, weatherproof, and come with a long-lasting, durable coloured finish. 

This doesn't just ensure your security, but also provides a longevity that means you won't have to address fencing concerns again for years to come.
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    Steel Fencing

    At Aotea Fencing, we can provide steel fencing designed to suit any needs. Whether you need fencing for an entire school, or just the front of a domestic property, we can design, manufacture and install a fencing solution that's exactly right for you. 

    Available in a wide range of styles, and powder coated in one of over 100 colours, our steel fencing comes complete with galvanised tubing and posts, as well as silicon bronze welding. 

    This adds to the longevity of your fence, reducing the risk of rust and weather damage.

    Aluminium Landscape Fencing

    Aluminium fencing is incredibly versatile, and has a staggering range of possible applications. 

    Whether you're looking for a garden feature, a sunshade, a louvre or a privacy screen, aluminium fencing might be just the ticket. 

    At Aotea Fencing, we provide aluminium fencing made from strong, durable 75 millimetre blades, which can be spaced at different intervals to allow for different designs. 

    Whatever your fencing needs, aluminium is a great, affordable option.

    Hot Dip Galvanised Fences

    If you need a longer lasting fence that will not only keep your property safe and secure, but stand up to all kinds of adverse weather conditions, then a fence with a hot dip galvanised finish would be perfect for you. 

    We can provide and install great looking, long-lasting galvanised fences in a range of styles. 

    While the standard end finish is plain end, we also offer a range of optional end finishes including roll grooved, shoulders and screwed on one or both ends.

    Pool Fencing

    Aotea Fencing can provide pool fencing in a wide range of stylish designs. We can provide distinctive designs, ideally suited to any landscape, in a range of different styles and colours. 

    All of our fences are built according to our own strict quality standards. When you come to us for pool fencing, you can rest assured that it will be made from high quality aluminium, as well as being completely compliant with Australian Safety Standards. 

    As standard, we provide self-closing, self-latching pool gates for added safety and security.

    Tubular Landscaping Fencing

    Your garden fence is often the first impression visitors get not just of your garden, but of your home as well. 

    If you want to improve kerb appeal and make your property look its best, then tube fencing is a great, affordable option. 

    Tubular fencing is a proven safety solution, with an elegant look. Available in a range of styles and colours, it provides a great looking, weatherproof finish that is easy to maintain. 

    If you want to provide maximum safety for your children, then a tube fence is a great solution.

    Tennis Courts

    Aotea Fencing can provide fencing for tennis courts, both domestically and at locations such as gyms, schools and clubs. 

    We can provide a sturdy, low maintenance fence that will keep tennis balls in without costing a fortune. 

    What's more, we can provide sturdy, long-lasting fencing solutions that look neat and tidy at the same time. 

    Added security doesn't need to be an eyesore.

    Welded and Industrial Mesh

    Chain wire fencing is an incredibly flexible, versatile material that provides great all-round security. Aotea Fencing provides high quality chain wire fencing, designed to not only offer our clients a no-nonsense security solution, but also to deliver a durable, affordable fencing solution. Every part of our industrial mesh fences, including the posts, rails, wire and frame, is galvanised. 

    This means that your fence will last for years with a bare minimum of maintenance. Additionally, chain wire fencing can be tailored to provide security in almost any situation. We can also provide PVC coated chain wire, which has the same toughness and durability of galvanised chain wire, with an extra protective layer. We provide this fencing in green or black finishes, allowing it to bend in with the surrounding landscaping and plant life, so that it doesn't dominate the view. 

    Because of their light construction, chain wire fences can also be easily extended or even relocated, allowing for a truly flexible security solution. They are highly cost-effective, as well as being a great security solution.

    Expert Installation

    When you come to Aotea Fencing, you aren't just buying a fence. 

    You're getting an innovative fencing solution, complete with installation. 

    Our team of hardworking, professional fencing specialists can carry out the installation of any of our fences quickly, and efficiently.
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